I have interesting news… as I’m planning to do a t-shirt line, and other items: hats, stationary, etc. I’m letting you know that should I get to where I’d like to be, a place I’m enabled to accomplish: books two, three, four and on… I will make many of the shirts available for a means of raising money to help other truly needy organizations, groups and charities [with 100% proceeds directed to these goals]. I do need your help: to get the word out, make feed back on things going on, help by comments [this would be helpful and empowering] on my works submitted and to pass along this idea… should you believe the same as I do. When I’m moving along with this project [and it is going to be as active as I hope it will be/ directed by the Spirit], anyone with knowledge of a group needing such support is also requested to send this information to me so I can [in-turn] aid the body of Christ to do His will. What do you think, feel or say? Below is a sample of what I intend to use…


shirt design #1


shirt design #2

There will be more to come.