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John 6 40

I would like to bring to your attention the “National Day Of Prayer,” and would ask you to be involved. I also would like you to pray for three specific things [if you would avail yourself to this event and my reasons to ask… to appeal to your heart], they are: the release of Pastor Saeed Abedini… from a prison cell in Iran [for his belief in Jesus], the  persecuted church [the body of Christ and our fellow believers… where ever they might be] for their suffering and threats of death and, lastly, for an end to “tax-payer funded abortion in the US [as this President has caused christians to be a part of this without redress possible],” and it is no different than being forced to pay for the eugenics plans of old. When President Obama said at the end of his speech to planned parenthood,”God bless you,” which god was he referring to… it was not the christian God? Jesus died that we might live… and does not require the death of infants at the hand of abortionists to advance His cause on Earth. Please pray for these things… I do implore. (P.S. I can think of no other place(s) on Earth the christian church, or believers in Christ Jesus, are being persecuted more than in Muslim controlled areas.)