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“If rationality is to question…

belief is to expectation”

Are there more concepts, ideas and thoughts conveyed to man through the Bible than simple lessons? It has been found, through books like,”The Bible Code,” by Michael Drosnin, and discovered by Dr. Eliyahu Rips [the code itself]. It would seem intricately more detailed than ever thought to be… the Bible, and guidelines for understanding just what it is contained within this book seems to be merely scratched at when we try to learn more from it. The best thing, however, we can learn from it… it contains the story of how God relates with man and how man relates to God [a love story unfinished by God to date].

Here is a short list of interesting topics, composed of numerous sources and information that one can get or acquire… to continue to seek answers to questions as a rational being. When you stop seeking answers and find your belief secure in itself is when God can do more with you than for you… so you will become a servant of the living God, the Creator of all things.

A page [or two] for curious and inquisitive minds… compliments of Koinonia House

(1) Technical information found here

(2)Prophetic information found here

(3)Current events found here

A look at Olive tree ministries and resources

(1)Christian Persecution found here

(2)Archival interests found here

(3)Favorite Links or Resources found here

A glance at Links to ‘The Persecuted Church’ found here

Images for and of the ‘Persecuted Church’ found here

SaveSaeed.org is found here and a link to more information on his family found here

Evidence for God from Science found here

There is a God found here

This is where I would challenge you… to get involved for the Kingdom to come. Please make a stand for something and I would hope it is for Jesus Christ and those that believe in Him throughout the world.