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Stopping at the cross of Christ and

not believing… leads to the grave,

to impel one to live a life for simply

passion’s gain, no need to behave,

passing concerns of morality and

respect for another’s right to rave,

denial is for arrogance’s bliss.

Leaving the cross of Christ behind is as

if it were unimportant, nothing to crave,

is to slight the loving sacrifice He made…

giving no thought to the reason He gave

of Himself for us all, or even why God

would die for us to save us, a gift to stave…

ignorance tempted Judas’s kiss.

It is found at the cross by those contrite

salvation… before calm rough seas by wave,

the elements listened to this man, to respond

as if He knew them well… our need to lave,

sin is the reason He came, to free us from

the bonds of death, His are precious to save,

Love saves us from our own bias.