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To have faith in God is to aspire

to that which will transcend belief,

to know what you have is to be aware

God’s mercy should cause relief…

the relief of the troubles found in

every day living, for some such grief,

and this comes from a giving heart.


Striving for holiness, to know more of God

is to act more like God than man will do,

seek out the heart of God in your life

and don’t you stop until it’s all through,

though there are many that claim they

are His… it seems they don’t have a clue,

and this comes from a giving heart.


To blame God for natural disasters is

to be angry with the Earth and this life,

to complain about suffering and yet…

to do nothing is to continue the strife,

have you not seen your own hands… or

thought by doing nothing you’d be safe,

and this comes from a giving heart.


Can we know from the anger against creation and the Creator Himself where a person’s heart is? I say the answer is clearly stated and told so evidently… as to what someone believes or does not… and where their heart is or isn’t. What do you say? This is closer to discernment than not… and not to be confused with judgement at all!