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Would that any man, if he should, attempt

to demean the giving life of the Lord,

to try and take away the very meaning

for His virtuous life, death and worth,

surely to try is to undermine love, hope

and faith… a practice devoid of life,

doomed to failure is the path some do

actually seek… such is sadness and mirth,

actions undertaken by fool’s folly… the

ways of men to proclaim self importance,

to then cackle and brag of things done-

putting on airs of esteem, selfish grace,

then too… to laud over another to the

gifts they have given as better than most,

as if this is so sporting, the need to

disgrace another is to then have a face,

see me… see mine is the song that they

sing, engaging in a syncopation of enmity,

true hostility through such expression

toward anything of worth… hardly bereft

but in the grand picture of life… we

can not lower the cross to appease,

we can not appease God by betrayal…

as He raised the cross, for us, His gift.Image