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You… who have kicked the dirt free

from your sandals with such disdain,

as though you desire to remove the

earthen remnants that would remain,

to have such a disregard for the soil

over which you have walked in your path…

but you have forgotten it was Holy

ground and now you face God’s wrath.


Even now your flippant manner defies

God’s will and nature of His way,

and even though you knew it not, by

your own arrogance, such evil cannot stay,

you see, you’ve prayed to idols and killed

men for their names… is what you’ve done,

you demanded God, in your hubris, to

then prove to you that He’s the only one.


The last straw you broke was to clean your

feet of the Holy ground you have past,

you have always thought so much of yourself…

and now from first you’ll be made the last,

you have thumbed your nose at God,

raised your fists to Him and even cursed,

for all the blood you have spilled… now

His ground, for your blood, has a thirst.