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Found is a place lost in our mind,

a place not unlike ours we will find,

it is a painting of beauty to behold…

a thing of our past…

it is the passing of neutral in a

color felt caste,

found is not reached for with hands

or stepped away from with feet,

until it is beneath the sands of a

returning wave that washes the

memory away… complete,

it is the nerve to stand up to a bully

or the backbone to be upright and

do the right thing,

found is a human need to mature in our desires…

and when found finds eternal…

that which causes us to sing.


Have you ever found anything lost… even yourself? We have all heard the expression ‘to lose yourself,’ either to feeling or sensation. Our mind will need changing if we are to realize we can be lost in our own lives… not knowing of the life eternal, a gift from God Himself.