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From self righteous feet comes a

certain manner, tone and way…

and if you are not stable it can

drain your energy and cause you sway,

to turn from the goals at hand… to

disregard your purpose of your chore,

throughout this life there will be many,

and yet again… quite many more,

see them for who they are: if selfish,

if pushy, if vain or unrepentant be,

set your sights on the chores you’d

do and accomplish them and be free,

to no avail will their effort become

when brought to be seen in the light,

bring it all forward, let everyone see

and help them gain back goal and sight,

strive to seek the high ground and not

the low, amidst darkness and brush,

set your sights on better things like

understanding truth with meaning much,

so do not fret the small feet of all

that would assume so little of your day,

and come to learn the spirit will guide

you if you’ll just trust Him, kneel and pray.


The people you will come across in this life are not all well intentioned people… and you can easily get caught up in their world if you let them lead you around. To bring everything to a head quickly is the best thing to do, expose what they’ve said, show what they’ve done and let everyone know and judge it for themselves. If you are right… and they are the vindictive type, wait… and they will show themselves to be what they are from either pride, vanity or arrogance. If they are of the humble type of person then they will admit their wrong and be able to go on with all activities and know everything has been corrected… striving to once again put their best foot forward. It is not so much what happens if someone falls, for we all do, but what happens after they fall that will tell you the type of character a person has. There are but two viable choices… honorable or dishonorable, and I would hope for our sakes to remain an honorable person.