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To be kingdom minded on Earth

is our goal,

despite petty indifference that

ends on our shore…

to gain resolve for the job at and

by our hand,

make a stand for task, mind and 

heart to the chore.


Troubles come and go… go through

them, be calm,

the glory of God to be seen… in

power and might,

don’t worry… have peace, peace is 

His to give,

and the way to be made for He

makes it right.


Linger not on wrongs done, an

anchor to the soul…

let go and see the work of the 

Spirit so true,

be strong in your own conviction

and don’t dally…

the times we are in will and can

affect you.


Know it is God’s kingdom that is

to come…

man can do nothing to stop it… or

see it different,

for if there is a difference to

be found out…

stopped in its place, a wall to be

no less resilient.


I see where the BBC has said,

“Tel Aviv is a capital.”

and the British gave us Darwin…

as best to tell,

No, Jerusalem is God’s capital…

as told it will be,

as well as the capital for God’s

people, Israel.