Whence comes the long night

of our blindness… that time

presence means only the

physical, what could be meant

by it… it is only an act, a motion…

a reaction to what is experienced,

a longing released from the box

we call our freedom born…

our freedom expected…

but comes the long breath to

hold longer than desire should

ever require of you, you must

yield it its thought and not give in…

lest you be sure not to surrender

blindly to complacency, the what-ever

“freedom to hell feeling,” who cares

what the Neoplatonists see becoming

in their own eyes but let them not

lead you where you know it is wrong

to be… give this honor to God, His

glory to light our hearts to full…

our joy to be hardly contained,

our thoughts with spirit are

but His to lead and to His glory.

With mysticism rising in belief… to not understand ‘the absolute of man’ can either be right with God or absolutely against- this is the only absolute that matters here and it is not to be left as another relatively insignificant thought. By allowing God into my heart is to know He is there always. To worship is to kneel and pray… and to praise my God for His glory, Hallelujah. He shall know I will not bow down and worship a lesser known deity… or any other, Emmanuel has come and there are none to compare. For me the doctrine of salvation is found in the blood of Jesus Christ and not with, but, a belief in a writing without proof, historically or otherwise proven.  

1 Chronicles 29:9 KJV Then the people rejoiced, for that they offered willingly, because with perfect heart they offered willingly to the LORD: and David the king also rejoiced with great joy.

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Below is from http://www.kheper.net/topics/Vedanta/AdvaitaVedanta.htm   and is offered in abstract…

Misunderstandings regarding the status of the World-process.

There has been a lot of misunderstanding regarding the status the phenomenal world in Advaita, even by some of it’s modern proponents.  According to this false interpretation which the universe is considered nothing but illusion.  Many people therefore reject Advaita as “illusionism”.  But in fact Shankara was a staunch empiricist and fully acknowledged the phenomenal reality of the world, God (Ishwara) etc.  He was actually very critical of the Yogachara Buddhist position that the world is a subjective product of the mind).  When Shankara discusses the reality or otherwise of the world of duality, he is talking from the point of view of his attainment of Enlightenment, according to which the world-process really did appear unreal or false.  But as far as the ordinary consciousness goes, Advaita propounds pragmatic realism, including worship of deities separate from oneself, etc.

Advaitin Metaphysics

Advaitin Metaphysics integrates the late Mandukya Upanishad, Samkhya, and miscellaneous ideas around at the time.  The following is a tabulation of the Advaitin partitions of being.






usual translation/ interpretation

gross reality

subtle reality

causal reality



state of consciousness



dreamless sleep




prana – manas – vijnana



(beyond all koshas)





Nirguna Brahman


see The Mandukyopanishad with Gaudapada’s Karika and Shankara’s Commentary (Sri Ramakrishna Ashram, Mysore, 1974)

Advaitin Soteriology

The Advaitin idea of enlightenment or liberation is based on a very profound insight.  Not “merging with God” (as is commonly misunderstood), but becoming that Absolute.  By becoming the Absolute you transcend the cosmic order; you are no longer a finite being, but instead – or perhaps I should say but also – the Absolute Reality, Atman-Brahman.  The boundaries of the self disappear, and the being becomes infinite. Links below…