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What does a Brit know about God…

one named Piers Morgan,

by thinking himself clear to say…

without using the thinking organ,

there is no brain there, left with just

an ego and quick temperament,

where both left and right are offended…

God to see his resentment,

and then to interview Rick Warren,

the lead fleecer of “Life and purpose,”

Piers will buy a pew, next to his ego,

for Chrislam is there… spiritual freebase,

to make demands on God like He is

a genie… so much for this Pastor here,

when it will come to passing through the

Pearly gates… you won’t see him there.

I’m sorry if the Bible clearly speaks out about what it is against… and what it is for, especially if you don’t agree with it. Don’t lose your head over it like Henry the Eighth… you have to choose to accept it or not. For this little man to say as he has is the epitome of gall… caring for the ratings of hate and swelling the anger of one against another (and he doesn’t agree with either one).


What I’d add here is “FREE THE U.S. PASTOR in IRAN, Saeed.” Below is an abstract taken from the A.C.L.J. website… http://aclj.org/aclj

Iran is imprisoning and abusing an American pastor because of his faith. Iran, home of one of the world’s most radical Islamic regimes, is holding American Pastor Saeed Abedini because he is a Christian, refusing to release him, and subjecting him to unspeakable abuse.

At the ACLJ, we are launching an international campaign to free Pastor Saeed, and we need Americans to mobilize for religious liberty. Urge the President, the State Department, and every Member of Congress to take a stand for an American Christian.

Petition to Free American Pastor Saeed Abedini

To: President Obama, the Secretary of State, and the United States Congress

Iran’s radical and violent jihadist regime is persecuting an American pastor for exercising his fundamental right to religious freedom. The United States cannot tolerate such assaults on its own citizens. Take all available diplomatic and legislative action to pressure Iran to respect religious freedom and release Pastor Saeed.

Genesis 41:38 KJV And Pharaoh said unto his servants, Can we find such a one as this is, a man in whom the Spirit of God is?