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In the beginning was the word,

and the word was with God and

the word was God.

John 1:1


Then cometh the end, when He shall have delivered up

the kingdom to God, even the Father; when He shall

have put down all rule and all authority and power.

1 Cor 15:24


The word of God has often been mistaken

as being the Bible, an idol of words to men,

whereas the word was the living word…

God himself, no translation heard again,

this is not to say there is no spirit in

the writings, contained to that within

but as it is often subject to the whims

of selective understanding, even used to sin,

when the words in the Bible are well

trodden… to consecrate hate, cause so vile,

the intention and purpose of the writing

then becomes diluted, intended to defile…

as with anything that is idolized- the

faults of men to be magnified and seen,

the price of debasement… where the church has

been the source of such abusers, inhumanly mean,

when the word spoke in the Bible, the

spoken word of God talked of hope and love,

there was never a mistake to be made of

interpretation, message within from above,

if misguided… the intention to then use the

words as an appliance to an end by deed,

even to remove from context, to change

its meaning… usage by a prodigal seed

could even lead the authorities of its use to

then pander, peddling its meaning for gain…

representing their version of interpretation

as the only one, idolatry… pimping human pain,

the word came to set men free, not inclined

to suppress growth but harmful things of man,

the Bible of men, said to be inspired of God and

man’s history to be shared and viewed was the plan,

where from  wellspring of savings came a

hoarding of words and the meaning twisted up so…

having forsaken the love intended, the omission

a commission of fear and hate… nursed on to grow,

these actions lead men into errors of judgement,

the biased path of heresy… wide the mark, led astray,

when the fool uses a little to appear smart, to

even subject the listeners now caused to sway,

this is the way of the wise, seeking the word

as spoken by God… on high the gate does narrow,

wide the path of many here, as guided, only to

find faults of man’s knowledge a furrow,

to tie it all together, soon Romans thirteen will

be used by the preachers on every flock,

parishioners told to honor the authority of

the government… out of context, the word to mock,

this will be used to surrender our liberty, rights,

way of life and our happiness… no guns to defend,

life is to precious to roll over and give up… Jesus

did not not teach us this, truth told… some to offend,

Jesus, the word, said, “render unto Caesar

what is Caesars and to God what is Gods,”

by perverting the words… to give into the 

authority of man is to appease hands of clods,

do not give in to this temptation, God will

never say man’s authority should ever be first,

it will only be when man attempts a coup over

God, when power is the goal… inhuman thirst, 

the actual liberation of man will be in the 

next life, so store not your treasures on Earth,

tangible here… where moth, rust and thieves

can ruin you, here “to have made it,” such mirth.


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