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Once, when I lived in darkness, I knew

not the error of my ways.

Having turned to face the light…

I grew to despise what I had become,

the light showing me the darkness of

my heart and changed my: mind, heart and way.

I cannot go back.

Mine is now a path I can clearly see,

the light is ever in front of me… guiding me,

love is understood.

Behind me the past, I will not look back to

where I’ve been when honor is ahead of me,

truth in my actions will never lead to disappointment.

What was given to my heart death cannot take,

the deceits of men may roar against me 

but I will remain unmoved.

Exchanged from hands of ruin… now are hands to

uphold the truth, hands not afraid to get dirty,

the labor now a passion, utterly consuming in nature.

My strength, though felt, is not mine,

only the conviction to stand and not waver,

steadfast love fills me like an empty vessel to overflowing…

glory which comes to be given to all who ask for it,

for it is for the asking.

I know mighty men may gather against me…

my soul is comforted by Your Covenant,

it is Holy ground I walk on and those that do not

respect it shall fall by their own hand,

the desire to harm shall consume them.

I can only stand for the truth, and those that

would oppose me do not understand it is You

who made me stand, You who give me the strength

to declare their company worthless.

From out of the congregations of: 

the smooth, the wanton and the unfaithful 

You have brought me…

to speak against them that shout of Your love

and yet would torture another from hate.

Hate is not love and

love will not act so…

unless it is to be with an anger

against those who would use love as a disguise,

a mask, to falsely lead people to think

what they do is for righteousness sake.

You are my redemption, my Lord, I will fear

no man… as it is You who have created us all,

in You my heart does trust.


Is this what was meant by looking through a glass darkly… should we not change our ways?