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We will know the sound of His voice…

even though we have never heard it,

fully prepared to be with Him, ready,

all this at a moment’s notice… time’s fit,

there will be an increase in antiSemitism…

against the Abrahamic covenant, Jews,

also against the Davidic covenant, the

church, read 2 Sam 7… for all the clues,

why does the devil rage against the church

and Jews, to attempt a full blown wipe out,

if he can do this Israel will not be able to

petition God, fall on their knees and shout,

this is one of the conditions for Israel to

fulfill, prophesied as a needed condition…

this is where Israel must acknowledge the

deity of Jesus as Messiah, a transition,

up to this specific point of time… it has

not happened, the assertion an anathema,

this will happen… the blindness will be lifted

from their eyes, denial to christian dogma,

this the time secured to unite both of God’s

own together, grafted and natural are one,

this the time come for rapture… make haste

to be ready, do His work until it’s all done.

AntiSemitism is more than a bad political call… it is demonic. With the controversy still swirling in GB, and the world, over the BBC refusal to call Jerusalem the Capital of Israel, the call is nothing short of a sign of the times we are in. There will also be an increase in activity to limit speaking out about things christian in nature, the signs of denial and anger… frustration and hatred will increase. To not know of the everlasting covenants God has made with Israel, or even care, is part of the problem, and there are five (5) very specific ones. To have held in perpetuity are the two first listed, National Identity and land (and Jerusalem is her Capital), and then the ones that have to do with her future: throne, King and Kingdom.