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Hallowed is the grip Jesus has on

us all…

precious is it to the ones who’ve

heard the call,

hard to understand the depth love

sees for all of us,

comfort found is hard to give up…

what makes some men cuss,

even worse to think our sin is why

dear Jesus died,

and why men still turn away from Him…

contentment then denied.

Can’t understand why Jesus still holds

us all so tight?

Listen to a Mother’s tears of worry

each and every night,

for the love we cherish and feel so

strongly as it’s known,

this is why He died… so we could live life

as we were shown,

but what will really take your breath

away and pale…

is to find within your own hands the

hammer and the nail.


This one piece of writing is also found in my first book,”FROM A GREATER HAND than mine.” I share it with you here to grant a deeper view to us all… a different view than we held a moment ago- this is where man finds God has loved us… and it came down to our expectations and human viewpoint to fairness before. God loves us with an agape love (this is why Jesus died for us/to take our sins away)… but the conditionality will be imposed when He returns, either you find Him before He finds you without His grace in place. You can have it your way… but know He will have the final say, and if we are not in His company (on His side) we might not like what is done… and we will have a conscious eternity to think about it.