It was time to dust the old book off…

I’d left it there, right there where

I left it… with every intention to

get back to it, my life got in the

way, my longings got the better

of me, and life drifted me way off

course… the distance from love

felt like I’d never get back to dry

shore again, sitting in my living-

room… in my favorite chair and

I happened to look up at an old

dusty book that knew my name and

called me back from the abyss,

whispering to the whole of my soul

and sending me the message that

it would be alright if I touched it,

held it and caressed its truth anew,

the book could take all the filth

and dirt I brought to it and wash it

all away, as if it had never had a

grasp on me… or cared for all I’d

been through, my name is humanity,

and it would be best served to learn

again the contents of an old dusty book,

the pages shouting to our souls and

pleading for our change and chance

to hold the invitation to eternity.