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Be nimble, be quick to don the armor for the fight,

the time draws nearer between darkness and light,

the accoutrements of God have already been provided…

revealed to the righteous- to not be blind sighted,

gird your loins with truth: encircle, encompass, surround…

the truth of the Gospel to be forever bound,

put on the breastplate of righteousness true,

don’t you stop there… for you are not through,

next place the helmet of salvation on your head,

without it in battle you’re bound to be dead,

having shod your feet with the Gospel of Peace, 

the preparation of which to stand firm, no release,

taking up the shield of faith, do not relinquish…

flaming missiles of the evil one now enabled to extinguish,

and don’t forget the sword of the Spirit, word of God…

without that weapon you’ll be trampled to sod,

do recall our struggle is not against flesh and blood

but against rulers of darkness, world powers and their flood,

what you should not don are the garments of vengeance,

these are for the LORD, due diligence to your reliance…

for when the LORD returns with His mantle of zeal

there will be no one but Him to go and appeal,

be strong in the LORD, the strength of His might,

He is counting on you to do that which is right.



( The concept comes from Eph 6:10… The Armor of God )