Have you what it takes… to gaze on

someone to discern intent,

to tell the heart of their desire…

to some their sure lament?

This is where the lead of the Spirit

will tell you… what it does contain,

there will be no doubts that will

linger like mists left by the rain,

you must not stall on going through

what the Spirit leads you to…

or balk at the loss of something so

cherished as though it’s new,

people do selfish things to selfless

people all the time… take advantage,

to lie, cheat and steal our attention,

possessions and soul… it’s all the rage…

these are the days foretold, prophesied of

where lies will flourish blindly,

arrogance and greed… these things grow

to exceed their own importance wildly,

and the very manner to changes of laws,

rules and definitions hold the key…

people will want to be empowered to

think they can be just as they want to be,

to act as though no one else matters…

would be empresses or emperors, deities,

kings and queens of their own little

worlds… the bill must be paid… all levies.

Find the treasures of your heart in heaven itself… and know not disappointment, for nothing can be stolen from God who holds them safe for you.