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The essential me, the one people see,

is not the me I am anymore…

that man is diminishing as I write

this to read, and to read it I do implore,

there comes a time in this life where a

personal choice should be chosen and made,

the choice is one that leads us to either

love or to hate… then it must be obeyed,

the outpouring of this essence you receive by

the choice you have made then is now your tool,

whereby the work you set out to do

will render you to be wise or a fool…

so foolish is when hate is ingrained and

you’d believe there’s nothing but to live

the life you have here… the life you have

now… living as if we were sand in a sieve,

as to the wise… to realize love hopes

for the good in all of us and all things,

love… to truly find and know love is

when your spirit is lifted and it sings,

it is when we understand there is more to

this life than what we see or even to feel…

this life doesn’t end with the things we

can touch, although love helps make it real,

and though some would be selfish… to amass

all these things from greed and for their own gain,

this would be foolish to act in this manner-

in the end it screams out of such pain,

remember… with love in your heart, you’re a

magnifying glass which all men shall see…

it is the loving example that must increase in

fashion and truth… now less you happen to be.