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Grandfather, once there was the time

to be concerned with what you had

had nothing to do with what another

has… the case less than iron clad,

though respected for who one was

dealing with… speaking with… truth,

to hear clearly what someone else

wants to know… this is your proof,

whisper in the wind and I will hear you…

may I walk with the spirit to tell all

the “Good News,” this day comes…

the Kingdom of all kingdoms, the

Kingdom of God on Earth, the time

called,”Jehovah-Shammah,” God not

just in a cloud but very present and alive.

This is to be mimicked by the evil one himself… before the prophesy of the lamb is fulfilled. Those that stand ready today either stand for readying the temple, innocently, or for the purpose of committing the last blasphemy to God tolerated… to proclaim themselves god.