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In the name of Jesus is found great the authority

of those whom do follow His commands,

to walk in His Spirit… by His Spirit to fulfill His

will for us, something God Himself commends,

it is for this purpose we have been called to

reach out and offer the same love we know,

to show the whole Earth… all of humanity the

need for the Savior in our lives… to show

His love is as real as our lives found with us this

day, a pattern developed by truth Himself,

Jesus is the truth… He said so, and God does

not lie, is this counterintuitive to you itself?

The origins of God’s work, from the beginning

to the end, have been done so and are true,

the single most important reason for this is

that we might find He loves… He loves even you.

There will come the day when falsehood will be offered and will attempt to supplant the truth… that day is come. This is the day to get back to the fulness of the word… to know “the living Word,” be it known that Jesus is the living word and would be the word living in and through you- pray this is what you would desire for your life. To live for God (to give our living up to Him here) is to want to live with Him for all eternity. Where do you want to live… forever?