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Israel is first, and foremost, the nation and people

of God’s own, and no one can dispute this here,

the chosen people of God’s heart, even with their

rebellion to His word… truth of this is quite clear,

where many people see this wrong is to conclude

we have but two choices, to follow either of the two,

but the truth is deeper than that, this is not a logical

fallacy here, for both paths are God’s and both true,

what started in Israel is what will finish outside of

Israel… His people were given His reign by choice,

and they have never been separate from Him, His

people, there might have been times denied His voice,

peace will never come to the middle east without her-

Israel, for peace, most assuredly, will come by their God,

and many will be the people come to divide Israel from

their God, and God will place them to grave and sod,

Jews and gentiles… the church believing in Christ Jesus

came from out of Jewish beginning but are different…

to turn away from the roots of their belief, as Abraham

was, and to see the Messiah come before them, so active,

Isaiah five (5) speaks of the owner of the vineyard and

then the cornerstone was rejected, the stone of old…

spoken of in the Torah, the stone was used over and over

as the reference to Jesus Himself, a stone with water cold,

after Moses struck the rock… water came forth, and Jesus

said,”On this rock will be built the church,” living water,

find hope come from the lifting of blindness for those whose

home is Israel, and know the parallels exist to charter,

seek His face in your affliction and wonder not why the

trial is come to test your faith or the hand it comes by,

it comes from the hand that claims the world… as their

home but stronger is the hand of God where none can pry.