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Sometimes there is nothing between the

sorrows of man and the tears of angels…

it is the actions of man that drown the

hopes of his own kind, sins that mount…

to the point where the time of reckoning

draws nigh… and must be atoned for, even

when the wrongs are done for our ideals

we believe… and adds to our body count,

the “who” must pay when “we” quit denying

we were the ones done so damn wrong,

this is to add to our suffering… to perpetuate

the lies that someone else is then to blame,

it is this… the actions “we” were moved to

do in the aftermath, the very thing that

was sought to seek the need for carnage

of brother against brother, tarnish our name,

misguided to serve up ourselves- to be used

as the fool… the tool to cause the upset

to society, the inner circle within the wheels

of government planned out freedom’s relief…

all they had to do is give us a reason for

us to be shocked from, to ache from…

to cause us fear… leading to the stronghold

of hate, the mind the gateway to such belief.


Can we truly know what we think we do… thinking we have a grasp to the reality of our times or even what moments we have left ahead? Vanity leads to the defeat we prepare for ourselves, and our feet lead us there.