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The moon holds fulness this night of sorrow

and the cold rain of dawn expected tomorrow

comes early… the strong minded not afraid,


sureness of life found but frail tis stalking

its very meaning… gathers momentum by talking

to stilted minds where life itself is staid,


flooded by memories mourning, the morning glory

gives glance to truths of vigor in her story…

each sun welcomed by her opening obeyed,


there exists no reason to stall reaching for joy,

the eternal flooding of the soul for girl or boy…

knowledge of God’s overreaching where we’re laid,


comfort for our labor’s cost is marking rest,

having seen the rising life from tomb our test… 

now decorated in our life beyond- let none trade.


This was written on the first night of my vigil and finished the next morning… as I was to accompany my Mother in the time of her passing.