Better is a day when bluntness

of truth leaves us with hope…

with faith… with the meaningful

glimpse of clarity to life itself.

Better is the end of a thing

than the beginning… and an

end without another to pity,

for to face what time we have

been given without loss of our

courage… without shame to what

we’ve done but newly inspired,

to know hope exists is to know

the end we face is but to time

here, and the here a temporal

place… a place to hold our heads

high. Not so high we forget about

our connection and need for

others among us but not so low

we lose hope, this is where we

find a time to be born and a

time to die… pity not those who

have gone with tears of grief, Dan

would not want this… nor did he

desire our pity, shed tears of

joy… he died showing us how to

live each day we all have now.

A fellow co-worker, a cook in the Chef’s Dept., was given so much time to live by diagnosis. Dan refused to want pity but chose to live each of the days left working, maintaining his courage to face each day as if it was his last- how we all should be living. He wanted no pity… he desired only to experience each day given and to enjoy his life in the now. All to often… we can all find ‘the now’ so fleeting, looking up to face ourselves and what we thought was true and considered important is but vanity. Although I did not know Dan very well, I understand he had some of my christian poetry among his possessions… hoping the message I tried to convey through my writings had offered a hope strong enough to carry him to my LORD’s arms- a place of rest for eternity. A service will be held for him today (Oct. 9th, 2012) by those that cared for him and worked with him. Maranatha.

Ecclesiastes 7:8 KJV

Psalm 23:1 KJV