The day yields this truth… all truth… all

faiths… all beliefs are indeed valid,

the day is a clouded one, one where the

world rejoices to these things found sad,

sadness is felt by those discerning the

loss to come by such madness so wrong…

a clear indication the days are short, the

body of Christ (believers) will not wait long,

the day shows us the insanity so pervasive…

as was prophesied ages past… not to last,

the days of Sodom and Gomorrah to look

like Eden, the world’s garden, not aghast,

all so appealing to the youth… the meat

markets of fleshly desires, stoke the fire,

to gain steam before full abandon, the

gates of Ababadon and the great liar.


To burn of desire for the flesh is to yield to the importance of the body over the spirit, and it goes against the word of God Himself. Jesus was God in the flesh, the living word of God, and He died in the flesh that we might not have to ourselves. His day comes… will you look forward to it or dread it?