What man thinks and what man knows

comes by experience from his past,

the flower of our youth can wilt…

as even understanding can be cast

away… when there is found eternal

truth to a living God who loves you,

all man’s learning is found to be in 

want, by comparison, love is true,

the only God to live like we do, to 

become our example… to serve…

to do away with the thing that keeps

us apart from Him, sin, as we deserve,

no longer to know such loneliness of

heart from which now love does fill,

found we not before this the sin was

in our heart, life and spirit does it kill,

Jesus died for our sins to set us free…

this is freedom to tell this difference,

to then take God for the words He said

and to know them true by inference,

to cling to the knowledge there is no

comparison to no other god as this,

to know hope stems from Him alone

is now for us all to find true bliss.


Many will say they know the way to heaven… to nirvana… to bliss itself. There is but one way and Jesus is the way, the truth and the light of the world. Those that do not know Him as their God… know not they have no chance to reach their intended destination and it will be made manifest to them much to late if they continue on ‘the way’ they have chosen- without the living God. I share the link below, for scripture says love comes from God and God alone. I give you 1 John 4 to understand… that you might learn from God’s holy word.