Tolerance is the new intolerance…

the view that there is nothing to be

considered differentiating between

all the world’s religions, anything

short of the new emerging definition

to tolerance will not be tolerated,

this says,”All roads… no matter which

one… lead to heaven,” nothing could

be farther from the truth, and the

question that remains is ‘what truth

do you believe?’ This new view is but

an open door to pluralism… the new

schism to aid in the world’s blindness,

the desire to openly mock and denigrate

christianity and its tenets, especially

to declare Jesus has no credibility

for the claims He made- what gives

faith and hope to all christians. With

the coming wave of hatred against all

christians… this is but the beginning

of a world wide persecution… masked

by the false assumption of political

correctness- something based on the

re-definition of truth… the desire to

fill the spiritual void mankind feels…

to reach for eternity their own way.


Hatred and deception do not get any more naked or barren of truth than this. To think,”All roads lead to Rome,” is the worst thing man can do… for belief in a socialized god, one conformed to the thoughts of man. This is the day we need our faith strengthened… I offer Hebrews 11 for this, a faith builder. Please look here…