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Try as one might and then to realize

we can do no more than we are able…

this the time to rely on God, the place be-

yond our means, resources to fill the table,

there are no limitations, nor our low expect-

ations… God’s timing is and will be shown,

place your heart in His hands, His will is what

we need in our lives… show you’ve grown,

be patient… remain calm, God knows the

start to the end, pray He’s not finished

with the works He will do through you…

prepare to be amazed, His glory, be astonished,

nothing can compare to the incomparable…

this is when you will have all doubt removed,

and the power of God Himself shall be

felt by those with questions or dissent,

if there is anything God dislikes more is to

see His own wronged, His name to resent.


In the title of this work are three phrases, of differing languages: Miyelo… is Lakota (Native American) meaning,”It is I,” and peccavi… is Latin for,”I have sinned” and the English should be comparably understood. I chose to use these phrases as representations of mankind… all mankind, and it is for all mankind Jesus died for, the nationalities of man are not the most important thing to God- God is. When God says,”I am that I am,” He has said enough for man to realize God exists before Him, by Him and from Him. Without God there would be none to exist at all. All praise, honor and glory are His… Bless His holy name.