Between the knowledge of right and wrong

for man, the place where we so choose,

lost is the desire to please God first…

the place man stands the most to lose,

lost by the cost of a relationship tossed away…

nothing God can do for you is what you’ll say,

when the love of sin will win a man’s heart…

this is man’s finish, not seen as man’s start,

for seeing life through man’s eyes, not God’s,

for desiring your own way the world applauds…

to accept the hollow and not the hallowed way,

for slighting God… conscious eternally to pay.


When will mankind realize the true cost of our desire should be to love God and not to love sin? Man, even now, attempts to distance himself from sin to no avail, by declaring: there is no God, no such thing as sin and would suggest there is no hell. God sent His son to die for the sins of the world… Jesus did this for us all, and He is our salvation if we but believe the truth of it- or we will be conscious eternally without Him to help us.