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Then, in the days of the Old Testament,

people looked to the future… to look

toward the times and days of the Paschal

lamb to come, the Messiah.

Now, in the days of the New Testament,

to look back… is to be a reminder to Jesus

being on the cross, and when we look ahead,

forward, to know the love He secured by His

sacrifice is the same we should share with

the world- even though they would spit in

our face.

Intolerance is defined this way:”not tolerant of others’ views, beliefs or behavior that may differ from one’s own.” This is followed by other words, these synonyms: bigotry, small-mindedness, narrow-mindedness, prejudice, illiberality, discrimination, injustice, provincialism, inequality… sensitivity and even hypersensitivity. The last two words have to do with feelings, either derived from or by: a work submitted, a controversy created, a blunt statement proclaimed (being candid), and it is then an emotional tummy ache and sure displeasure would be expressed BUT THAT IS WHAT INTOLERANCE (Hate) IS ALL ABOUT- ISN’T IT?