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Uncomfortable is the place one

finds themselves in…

when beliefs we hold or cling to

are doubted, and it is not

because of the difference

apart from our own…

and I suspect it makes a

person that is weak in their

own mind or determination

to then question themselves…

almost a dead isolation

to experience immediately…

when they would lash out in

the reaction of their own denial to

be as if they were declared

a persona non grata,

a self realized state unable to

see an abstract matter as being

separate from their belief or ideas,

as if thought is what we are and

then tricked by our own minds

to believe the primacy to theory

exists as truth or the basis for it…

the subjectiveness contained

within the conscious mind.

“Subjectivity is to a closed trap what objectivity is to an open one.”

When we (as humans) close our minds to value of another person’s opinion, on any subject whatsoever, we destroy the sense of openness that existed prior to its occurrence. Should the same conditions then apply and be prevalent or maintained, variance would soon be seen as a conditioned proclivity or abstract to what is common, bringing in to question the very possibility of ourselves having any remaining sentient qualities… to question if we are still in a state of mind that has awareness and is capable of reactive thought- and living a life of meaning at all. There is also one thing that needs to be added here and it is this, as christians… we are to be tolerant to the views of others but not to the exclusion of our own beliefs- it is our belief in Jesus Christ that will allow us to show love… even to those that hate us. This is the conundrum of love itself, where the world views humility and meekness as weakness and worthless, but was not Jesus this same way in His days on Earth?