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In this life… this life Aristotle shared with us

and came to many great conclusions as well,

a thinker, an intellectual of sound reason and

benefits to thought… as best as one can tell,

to then categorize the things of life, a packaged

philosophy… for one to be upright and rational,

this did he give us by his efforts to make known

what can be known about this life, so material,

but what he did not take into account was, truly,

that which is irrational to us… leaves us immanent,

the most important aspect, the one most essential

element is God, His transcendency is so inherent,

to leave out God from the equation of our thoughts,

by construction to thought alone, leaves us empty…

to devalue both God and man himself, no benefactor

is he whom believes or not, futility found in vanity,

to think nothing more exists than is here… to find

the void within us all is the same, the space to fill…

this is what was built into us all, the space only God

can fill, and not realizable by experience, life to kill.