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What men scratch at the Earth, and in the Earth,

to obtain, gems and stones of value, will be so

prevalent in heaven as to be of no value at all…

results to claims of being a christian and doing

what we have been sent out to do… therein is a

difference to resolve and then address by call,

there should be evidence to support your claim,

to then draw from and know the storms of this

life shall challenge your claimed beliefs by proof,

to know you are doing what you should be is to

know surety of Jesus is the truth we shall lean

on and find rest from all the Earth, none aloof,

find humbling experiences to deepen your faith

in God… purge anything that God would not want

for you in your life or seek not God by His truth…

found unworthy, we shall be sent where Jesus died

to protect us from, for even Jesus believed in hell…

be not found untrained or at the worst… uncouth,

the streets of gold, we shall walk on that which is

called valuable here… treasure the love it cost to

be able to be found worthy, God’s own son died,

His blood paid and covered your sin debt, nothing

we can ever do can compare… no work to measure

of equal value but to the value of one that will abide.