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The warranty of Your favor comforts

the permits of my soul,

it is this that aids my freedoms…

I see no peril of Your goal,

I’ll know no disenfranchisement…

no matter where I’m sent,

the cost incurred leaves dispensation

unceasing, it never will be spent,

it is from Your endurance and steadfastness

I now feed on in the main…

it is just the place I find I need,

peace and calm I can attain,

even when confusion and destruction would

have me quake until I expire,

I will remain intact, unclouded, Your solemn

grace my true desire.

The name for this one was provided by a dear friend named Melanie… and this poem is dedicated to Brother Curt, as he was a source and inspiration for its content, and the drive to struggle with humanity… faced with the eternity of peace.