Hello world, my name is Russell D. Holder (just call me Russ), and these are my beliefs as follows:

Moral Relativity- a concept the world is currently coming out with (through the vehicle of ‘the emerging church’) is awash in deception and outright lies. It is not moral, in the sense of its meaning of the past, nor is it relative… except to those whom desire to proclaim their own way more important than yours or mine. It is bare naked intolerance and it hides behind the mask of ‘tolerance’ for anything but christianity; which it loathes. The new tolerance will not tolerate anything different from its own viewpoint… showing the truth it is intolerant in its application- nothing more than hatred itself. Christianity will never be equal to any other religion, nor our God on par with any other deity, making this attempt to see the growing trend of tolerance as a shield for pluralism… a means of creating the appearance all religions are the same- an out right lie.

Glory in God and He will give you the desires of your heart. Find the way of God and your feet will know the way you should go. Seek the LORD and you will come to know God (personally) and He will know you. Better that God knows you than when you know God.. but to know God loves us all as His, loving Him is to make us even more cherished as His own.

Even with the recent events on RB, look for me on facebook… you’ll find out, I shall thank the LORD my God for the blessings of a new day.

July 20th, 2012

This is going to be for the understanding of praise… for sound reason for it, and to know what God wants of our lives is to live for Him. Don’t miss a moment and fear nothing… not even the loss of your aspirations. We can chose to stay anonymous in this life… and not be known by God at all… but we then must face the consequences of our own choices- in light of an almighty God, LORD God, and Jesus is His name. Maranatha.

I’m adding the whole of my opening message [Sept. 19th, 2013] used on this site (for quite sometime) below… and will opt for another.


e ratio verbum (out of reasoning word)


~ A great WordPress site, one dedicated to God… to Jesus Christ, the LORD of Lords and KING of Kings [Please note… I desire nothing more than to act as I will, to believe as I will and to serve my God as I will. I find it offensive if you react to these thoughts motivated by hatred, bias or prejudice { constituting “a hate crime”} and would make insults, demean me or offer disparaging remarks and threats. Tolerance permits… where intolerance {BIGOTRY} DOES NOT. If there are no absolutes… then you will absolutely not be a reactionary and will seek your own actions without hatred involved, and if there are absolutes… it is to be taken to extremes by man to import them as a means to control what we would: do, think or act upon individually. If you have no belief or choose to not believe, this is your choice and it does not offend me, but when you would try to claim I’m offending you {with the words of God} for having made my choice… the conviction can only come by God’s Spirit and I’m only a conduit] Lastly, if you have promotion to a product in your link [your email or contact information] you will be considered SPAM and removed.