“The failure to have accomplishment is

due to a lack of follow through,” he said.

“To follow one’s desires to fruition takes

commitment, and dedication… despite a

lack of immediate showing for that which

is strived for… and you should be happiest

when you’ve given your best to

the efforts you would find or see.

For to give in to a feeling of failure

is to see nothing accomplished,

to throw up your hands is to be

resigned to being a failure;

which can also show that

you might have problems

with success or stress away

from your own comfort zone…

your playground of complacency,

thinking on nothing more

than a change to come.

To do without failure

is to: attempt an accomplishment,

pursue an accomplishment or

to achieve an accomplishment,

both have a direct and

corresponding relationship

with resistance and change-

denoting change as a loss of

fear to accomplish something.

Resistance is to fear what

failure is to impedance…

something stopping you

internally from doing what

you’d like to externally.

To reach out beyond

your limitations

is to grab eternity…

to touch the star you are

and would allow yourself

to become.

This is when humanity

finds its own… individually,

and will not let what will

strive to stop you from:

yourself, others or even

assumed obstacles to

alter improvements to

aid humankind.

Do not succumb to what is imagined…

especially when it could prevent your

imagination from giving an offering

for the world and belongs

to us all…

more a gift

of your spirit…

something only you could say,

given by your accomplishment

of a job complete,” he finished

without failure.